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Bride's bouquet

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Elite wedding bouquets from ‘MC Flowers

A wedding bouquet is the most important and desirable composition in the life of any lady. It symbolizes crystal purity, natural tenderness and sensuality of its owner. It is possible to add even the most expressive image of the bride with a wedding bouquet by means of paying attention to her real beauty and laconic dress. The structured range of wedding bouquets worked out by the florists of MC Flowerscan satisfy the most selective and unusual requirements of bride couples which especially relate to the choice of the stylistics and design of their festivity.

Choosing a wedding bouquet

Depending on the main concept of the wedding ceremony, you can order bride’s bouquets in classical, neo-classical, avant-garde or expressive styles. The bouquets are different in the type and form of colors used in the process of composing them. In order to add the wedding image in the classical variation, you had better opt for the flower cascade surrounded by the sumptuous atlas and hoop skirt and added by the integration of decorative greenery and snow-white immortelle. If you have decided to make an accent on your wedding, in this case, it is better to choose an extraordinary and starring bride’s bouquet composed of the combination of roses, lilies and crown daisies and topped with the deposit of decorative pearl. 


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