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Passion games

Product code: 1844

This stylish and elegant bouquet “Passion Games” is a true symphony of flowers of rare beauty! This masterpiece made by the most talented florists from Europe at the florist’s boutique Mc Flowersin Richmond, VA includes exquisite golden roses with very thin red edges of petals, majestic orange lilies and wonderful yellow gerberas with black cores. The bouquet “Passion Games” is carefully adorned with splendid branches and red berries of hypericum, long stems of solidago with tiny yellow flowers and classical green salala leaves. If you send the bouquet “Passion Games” to someone special, this present will surely have a stunning effect!

53 $

Elegant bouquets of fresh lilies from MC-Flowers online store

Lilies have symbolized purity and spirituality of a person since ancient times.

In ancient mythology, lilies embodied womanhood and fertility. 

By presenting a bouquet of white lilies, you can point out the tenderness and sensitivity of your beloved man. 

Lilies are perfectly combined with practically any types of plants and flowers. Every employee of our company can create a unique and excellent bouquet of lilies on a by-order basis, which will be earmarked only for your woman.

Bouquets of lilies at affordable prices on a by-order basis 

AtMC-Flowers, you purchase lilies of white, pink, yellow or tegular shades with extremely pleasant and special aromatic properties, which create comfort bliss in the surrounding atmosphere. 

Bouquets of lilies are a superb and tender sign of attention which will mean your great respect to a woman you consider ideal and perfect.

The employees ofMC-Flowerswill be happy to deliver a bouquet of lilies to practically any part of the world, giving you an opportunity to remind your woman of her perfection.

We guarantee that you will definitely win the heart of any girl in the world with charming bouquets of lilies at an affordable price!

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