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The Mc Flowers shop Richmond Virginia appreciates its regular customers and has a wide range of discounts and special promotions for them.

The Mc Flowers shop Richmond Virginia offers the customers the freshest and the most beautiful flowers for low and stable prices. While ordering flowers delivery Richmond you will surely notice that we don’t increase the cost of flowers and shipping before the public holidays as many other florist’s boutiques do. The pricesat Mc Flowers in Richmond, VA remain steady and quite reasonable. We carry for low prices for our flowers so that the clients’ interest for our services does not fall, but even increases steadily. However, we still can gladden our regular customers with some special offers, promotions and discounts.

We are happy when people use the services of ourflower shop Richmond Virginia over and over. And the best gifts we can present our regular customers are some special promotions and discounts on the price of the bouquets and flower arrangements and on the cost of shipping as well.

When you place a new order within three months after your last order we can offer you a discount of 5%. To get the discount just tell us the number of your last order or your phone number.

Besides after the registration and the fulfilled payment for the order every customer receives a discount card number which is important for getting discounts on the following orders in the future. According to the rules of the company the quantity of discounts on the card is cumulative.

We hope that our regular customers will enjoy not only extraordinary beauty and freshness of floral arrangements and bouquets from Mc Flowers in Richmond, VA, but also our special offers, promotions and discounts and surely come to us again and recommend us to their friends and relatives!

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