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Sunny mix of gerberas

Product code: 1824

These beautiful sunny gerberas from the florist’s boutique Mc Flowers Richmond are endowed with magical beauty, with their rich sunny palette. Colorful and passionate scarlet red, optimistic orange, sunny yellow and romantic pale pink gerberas are the constant participants of the beautiful, romantic bouquets, giving the recipient some inspirational dreamy mood. The combination of these sunny mixed gerberas looks extremely impressive and harmonious. Bouquets involving these sunny gerberas will appeal to the women, whose character is not only soft, but also bright emotional, so to the most charming and attractive women!

Flowers in a bouquet
2 $

Bewitching gerberas on a by-order basis

Gerberas possess some drawing power and unequalled, bright and stunning abundance of colors. Gerberas can make the bouquet really unique, exotic and attractive.  

The meaning of this flower in botany is quite original. Gerberas are considered to be the symbol of mystique. On the other hand, some florists consider gerberas the symbol of openness to the world and vital power. 

Gerberas will bring positive energy into the life of any person without a doubt. This energy will make you feel happy and glad.

Gerberas at affordable prices at MC-Flowers.ru

On the whole, kind and tender and at the same time helpless and fragile women who openly relate to the outside world, like gerberas. 

A bouquet of gerberas can be presented not only to the beloved and tender girl but also to any important and close person. We will also make a composition which can be given to your boss your employee without any incorrect context. 

At MC-Flowers.ruyou may buy only freshly cut roses with surprising dizzying aroma and rave of color!

We offer a wide selection of gerberas. They are amazing flowers selected by our unequalled florists, sold at a minimum price and supplied very fast.    


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