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Blue irises

Product code: 1803

Featuring impeccable style and terrific charm, irises deserve a place of honor among the most popular aristocrat flowers. Terrific blue irises are now considered to be the trendiest variety of these splendid spring flowers, which can be found in many floral arrangements of the florist’s boutique Mc Flowers Richmond. Deep and rich shade of those colorful navy-blue irises with bright yellow stripes on the petals can turn anyone’s head! The tenderness of these flowers and deep as night blue color makes bouquets of irises really beautiful. By the way, is not just a beautiful bouquet – it is a beautiful bouquet with deep meaning. The name "iris" is derived from the Greek word "iris" meaning "rainbow". In European tradition iris means beauty, purity, and protection. Japanese consider it to be a male flower, which symbolizes courage and bravery as its shape resembles a sword. So the bouquet of blue irises is appropriate as a gift both for a woman you admire, and a man you respect.

Flowers in a bouquet
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Irises with a beautiful color range on a by-order basis only for you!

Irises are flowers which can make your woman feel tender, fresh and harmonious.  

For example, navy blue irises are suitable for a girl with blue eyes. They can help you show delicate affection which will mean that your girlfriend is the most fragrant, unique and excellent personality.   

Irises usually symbolize beauty, elegance and feeling of tenderness. 

Present an inexpensive bouquet of irises to your all-in-all and prove that your beloved girl is the most unique and inimitable in the world! 

Prove your girlfriend that you consider her the most harmonious and graceful lady on the Earth with a bouquet of irises.

Irises at an affordable price

Irises are in harmony with practically any flowers. That is why our florists can compose the most unique, excellent and exotic bouquet for your girlfriend. Thanks to its unequalled, tender and elegant look, this bouquet will cause the feelings of delight and awe.   

MC-Flowers.ruoffers irises at the most acceptable price. You will purchase only freshly cut and elegant flowers which can be delivered to any region in the world.

Make your beloved girl happy with a bouquet of these magnificent plants. 

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