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Queen's bouquet

Product code: 1791

Add some passion to your relationship with the splendid “Queen’s Bouquet” by Mc Flowers Richmond! This breathtaking bouquet includes a great amount of the first-class scarlet red roses of extraordinary beauty. Desire, passion, delight – that's what red roses say. Scarlet roses speak eloquently about passionate love, about the impossibility of living without a loved one, maybe that is the reason why the red rose is considered to be the Queen of Roses! The luxurious petals only look weithless. The size of flower buds of these fantastic crimson red roses reaches 4-5 inches in diameter. In fact, they have an extremely dense and stable structure, as well as a significant weight. Elastic dark green stems with wiry leaves cope perfectly with their task, proudly raising the graceful rosebuds. The scent of the scarlet red roses is faint, but pleasantly sweet. This bouquet is a gorgeous, luxurious gift for the Woman who stole your heart! Isn't it?

Flowers in a bouquet
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Make your ideal image of a bouquet of roses at the MC-Flower store

A spontaneous present in the form of a bouquet of roses is a perfect way to make your woman happy. Superb and elegant roses can also be bought at our company apiece. A bouquet of roses can help you win the heart of absolutely any woman!

The florists of MC-Flowerwill help you compose a bouquet of practically any cast for your significant other. This will let the arrangement look unique, inimitable and elegant.  

Roses are known to have lots of meanings. These splendid flowers can symbolize love, passion, inclination, innocence, purity and mystique.  

Fresh roses at an affordable price

MC-Flowersis always ready to provide you with an opportunity to order a bouquet of roses. The flowers can be delivered to any place in the world. Such a service will be provided at a pleasant and affordable price.   

We guarantee only fresh roses, which will ideally be arranged by our florists.

Present a part of happiness to your soulmate, and let het fell desired, attractive and unique.  

MC-Flowerswill make your beloved women the happiest women on Earth! 

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