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Rafaello sweets (150 g)

Product code: 1945
Light and tender sweets with coconut cream and almond nut. 
11 $

Sweet moments of life brought home

An ideal decision for fans of sweet dishes is adding flowers from ‘MC Flowersonline store with inexpensive sweets. Among the offered range, you will find the most popular and tasty sweets such as: 

  • Inspiration
  • Mersi
  • Raffaello
  • Ferrero

At our store, you can purchase sweets together with a chic bouquet of flowers.

Buying sweets at the online store www.mcflowers.ru is easy and simple

Do not doubt that our sweets will make an indelible impression. The introduced brands of sweets are very often used as an entertainment for dear guests at pink teas. We offer you to try tasty sweets without leaving your house or apartment. This is because the sweets will be delivered right there. Presenting favorite sweets and a luxurious bouquet to your significant other is always pleasant. Such ingredients as nuts, creamy chocolate, almonds, milk cream and chip coconut are ideal dainties for every woman. Besides, the sweets always perfectly suit any present.     

Remember that pleasant trifles can trigger a woman’s positive emotions. They bring pleasure and grab your significant other. Every man who realizes it will always be popular with the ladies.

Present sweets and a bouquet of flowers to your beloved. These are pieces of happiness. And a happy woman will always look like a million dollars. 

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