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Quality assurance

The main thing that our clients need to realize – we are extremely interested in providing good quality services.

All bouquets and floral arrangements are created by our best European florists from the freshest flowers.

Return and exchange of cut flowers and potted plants

Flowers are living goods. When you order flowers through our website, you confirm thereby that you have read and agree to the following shipping policy.

1. The reception of a new order.

When placing a new order for the delivery it gets a unique number. A time interval when delivery has to be fulfilled is agreed with the customer. There must be not less than 2 hours from the time of ordering up to the lower boundary of that time interval.

Flower delivery is made according to the tariffs for delivery described on the website and in the time interval specified in the order.

2. Complaints about the quality and quantity of flowers.

Complaints for quality and quantity of flowers can only be accepted during the transmission of flowers to the customer. If during the reception of the order missing flowers are found out the customer may require recalculation of the amount of the order or cancel the order. If delivered flowers are of inadequate quality the customer can also cancel the order.

3. Delivery confirmation.

Upon a request the customer can be informed about the results of delivery within 6 hours by phone, email or SMS.

4. The resolution of disputable situations.

If the recipient is not there or there is a mistake in the address data, the company McFlowers makes every effort to present flowers to the recipient. Flowers can be left to any tenant of the said apartment, the neighbors of the recipient, the guards, the concierge or colleagues. This decision must be previously agreed with the customer on the phone.

If for any reason we cannot deliver flowers on time, the customer has the right to cancel the order or require a recalculation of the shipping cost.

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Short Pump, Richmond, VA
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